Saving is no longer worthwhile these days. But that also means that you have to give up the fulfillment of many a wish. But because of the low interest rates, dreams can be fulfilled faster. At the moment, payday loans are cheaper than ever. With a corresponding income, a positive remark and a permanent job, every bank can get a payday loan without a guarantor.

Find the best payday loan

If one has decided on a payday loan, then there follows the indecision. The question is, which bank should I go to? Many attracts it first to the house bank. But you should not make a hasty decision, because there are comparisons on the Internet that can be used to save a lot of money. Many online banks offer extremely cheap payday loans with the best conditions.

Without a comparison on the Internet but these are not found. There are consumers who are reluctant to use a credit comparison. They fear that costs will come to them. The opposite is the case, because a credit comparison is free. For this he delivers neutral results. Quickly found a payday loan without guarantors.

Payday loans without collateral?

Basically, there is no credit from the banks without security. Borrowers must meet the requirements already mentioned to get a payday loan without a guarantor. However, it may happen that the bank requires a guarantor. There are several reasons for that. A low income can be the cause. Often, however, it is also due to the remark: even a bill that is not paid punctually is sufficient to refuse a payday loan without a guarantor.

Credit despite completed remark entry?

However, the banks also make problems with a payday loan commitment if there are negative entries in the remark. These state that there have been payment problems with the customer in the past. Under these circumstances, the bank will only agree to a payday loan agreement with a guarantor.

The credit line or financing through the dealer

Anyone who wants to apply for a payday loan to buy goods, but can also use the installment payments offered by the dealer banks. Many offer their goods with installment purchase and depending on the purchase price, the presentation of the debit card is enough to get a payday loan without guarantor on the goods.

As with a installment payday loan to a bank, the customer has to pay monthly installments to the merchant bank. Although the interest rates are a little higher than a installment payday loan from a bank, but an installment purchase is made quickly, without having to resort to a guarantor.

Another option is to use the credit line on the checking account. This is expensive, but you have the money on hand quickly. There is no need to consult with a bank consultant, it costs very high interest rates. But if it should go fast, then only the use of the overdraft limit remains. But you should be careful not to exceed this limit set by the bank.

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