If there is an acute need for money because a hasty bill can no longer tolerate a delay, an emergency payday loan with an immediate guarantee provides the consumer with optimal planning. An urgent payday loan can be placed online or at affiliated branch banks. The customer can choose, but only if his credit rating has no blemish.

The express payday loan with instant confirmation – the payday loan transaction

The urgent payday loan payday loan is essentially nothing more than a conventional installment payday loan, but it is advertised with a faster processing. The payday loan offers of the emergency payday loans are standardized banking products which are granted with an automated test procedure. However, it is assumed that the payday loan applicant has a faultless which contains no negative entries. In addition, there is a sufficiently high income, which shows a seizable portion.

Those who belong to the risk group, for example, do not have sufficient income or a bad , will not receive a payday loan so easily. This will be a comprehensive audit and may require other collateral. Think of a guarantor or second borrower.

Before banks give out a payday loan, even with an urgent payday loan, the creditworthiness of the customer is checked. No bank will grant a payday loan unless there is a possibility that the customer can pay the payday loan. As already described, there must be sufficient income, a clean and a permanent position. If the customer can fulfill these conditions, an emergency payday loan can also be provided.

If the borrower chooses an online payday loan, he should use a credit comparison to look for providers who also offer an emergency payday loan. If these are found, he can compare these lenders with each other, the interest rates as well as the terms and conditions. The payday loan application can then be submitted directly via the credit comparison.

Based on the data that the customer must enter, he will receive a preliminary credit decision. Thus, there is already a good predictability or he knows when he can count on the money. The lender will then tell the customer which credit documents are necessary. In most cases they are salary slips of the last three months, bank statements from the same period, a copy of the employment contract or the pension notice.

The borrower must specify whether and how much credit or installment payments must be settled. A small household bill gives the provider information about it. The customer should know that the information must be truthful. If the lender then verifies the documents and finds that the customer has not provided any correct information, the payday loan agreement can be rejected.

The credit documents must be sent by post. In addition, the legally prescribed postident procedure must be carried out. This document receipt should, if possible, be sent to the lender by express delivery. Thus, these should be available to the bank the next day. This will check immediately and, if necessary, approve the payday loan and pay it out on the same day.

If the customer has already applied for a payday loan from this bank and returned it correctly, he no longer needs to carry out the identity check. The bank then already has the legitimacy of the customer. The latest trend, but not yet offered by all lenders, is the videoident process. For this, the customer no longer has to post, but can make the legitimation on the home computer. He needs a webcam and a powerful PC.

However, there are also providers who do without the credit documents. But then only a very small payday loan amount in the order of 500-600 euros approved. In addition, this payday loan amount must be repaid fairly quickly. Mostly this is within 30-45 days. However, this credit procedure is only recommended if, for example, a hasty invoice has to be paid, the account is empty and the salary is received within a few days. Then, however, this payday loan amount must be available with interest overall.

The conditions of the credit

If the customer has a bad , he will not be able to receive an urgent payday loan. In most cases, German banks will not approve a bad payday loan. As a way out, the credit can be viewed from abroad. In order to obtain this, a credit intermediary is then turned on, who will take over the credit process. The customer only has to provide the necessary credit documentation. Everything else takes over the credit intermediary.

But the customer should know that this does not work for nothing. So he has to pay the commission costs of the intermediary. This receives his remuneration but only after successful credit brokerage. Likewise, no advance costs should be due and no insurance contracts should be signed.

The express payday loan with immediate guarantee frei is not reported to the , so that the house bank of the credit learns nothing. However, a higher interest rate must be expected because the bank can pay for the increased default risk. The conditions for the express payday loan with immediate confirmation without require that the customer is of legal age. Also an age limit is set up. This is now 62 years (previously it was 58 years).

The borrower must be a German citizen, resident and current account holder in Germany. In addition, the income must be so high that it is above the attachment exemption limit. For a single person who receives a payday loan of 3,500 euros, the net is about 1,100 euros. Important is the permanent employment which should exist at this payday loan amount for one year.

If the income is not quite sufficient, a second borrower can be named. Whether a guarantor or a guarantee in a credit validity, would have to be inquired. Mostly a German guarantee is not recognized. But if a second applicant can be mentioned, then this must be solvent, have a sufficient income and a clean . In addition, the credit opportunities can be increased if other collateral such as a property can be presented.

If the freie credit from Switzerland or Liechtenstein, the credit sums are set, as well as the duration and the rate. But there are many credit intermediaries who still know private banks that also provide a debt-free payday loan. Here then it is worthwhile to carry out a credit comparison to find a cheap provider. However, this work usually falls into the agency of the mediator.

But in most cases, only three credit lines are approved. 3,500 euros, 5,000 euros or 7,500 euros. The payday loan period is 40 months. The interest rate is around 11-12%, depending on the creditworthiness, but much higher. The 3,500 Euro payday loan has a rate of 105.00 Euro, the 5.000 Euro credit 150.00 Euro and the 7.500 Euro credit about 225.00 Euro. The credit process will take about 7-8 business days until the money is in the customer’s account.

The urgent payday loan with immediate confirmation at the branch bank

An urgent payday loan can also be given at a local branch bank. The customer arranges an appointment in which he brings all important documents. On site, the is queried, the documents checked and then the payday loan application is signed. Again, there will only be a small payday loan. The credit process takes only about an hour. The customer can take the money in cash or have it transferred to his account.

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