It is their business to lend money to their clients. In monthly installments, borrowers can pay back and be flexible. If you have a good income, you can afford higher installments. This reduces the term, which in turn affects interest rates. If you want a payday loan without high income, you should be sure that you can pay the installments and adjust the duration accordingly.

The minimum income

In order to get a credit approval, the net income should be around 1,100 euros. payday loans are approved even with lower payments, but the payday loan amount will not be so high. When calculating the budget, the bottom line is that there is still so much money left to secure livelihood and ensure punctual installment payments. Whether this is possible depends on the costs such as rent, electricity, telephone and costs for the possibly existing car.

Only then is a legally binding commitment, provided there are no problems with the remark. If the income is too low, a high-income payday loan can be realized with a co-applicant. The income of this co-applicant is combined with the income of the actual borrower. If both wages or salaries are sufficient for repayment of the payday loan, a credit agreement will be issued to both partners. Both are responsible for the repayment.

Small rates – Longer term

A sole borrower may choose a longer term if a high-income payday loan is desired. The most important question is how high is the rent, which has to be paid monthly. That’s the biggest expense item. With a low rent, the fixed monthly expenses are reduced, which is of particular importance when calculating the budget.

The situation for the payday loan seeker looks even better when collateral is available. This could, for example, be an already paid condominium. Despite reserves, which must make the apartment owners, due to the lack of rental payments more money a month at leisure. The apartment could serve as collateral for the bank, which makes payday loan approval more likely.

A payday loan is approved with a bad remark by any bank. The General Collateral Assurance Association provides information on financial transactions to its affiliates and banks. If there were payment problems in the past, this is noted in the remark. Under these conditions, the payday loan seeker must forego a payday loan. A payday loan without high income can then only be realized through a foreign bank.


If the income is too low and there is no collateral, then you should forego a payday loan without high income. It does not matter if the remark is flawless or not. The risk of getting into payment difficulties with a low income is far too high. In emergencies, you can still rely on an existing dispo if the situation requires it.

Although this is more expensive than an installment payday loan, it could be the last resort. With a Dispo one is not bound to fixed rates. The duration is shortened accordingly with the payments. Only as a last step one should consider this option.

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